As I believe that yoga is the best thing you can do in-between to remain healthy during conferences and at work, I would like to do introduce this possibility to you.

Yoga at the conference

Sitting for a long time in meetings and conferences can cause problems in the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks, legs and feet. With a few simple yoga exercises, you can keep yourself smooth, painless and energized during a conference day.


Yoga exercises can be done:

– In micro pauses (5-10 min.)

– In scheduled yoga classes of any length (15-120 min.)


Tell me about your wishes and I’ll send a proposal. Contact me via the contact form below.



Hello, my name is Elisabeth Erlandsson Kaufmann and I’m a Yoga Alliance certified yoga and meditation teacher.

I live in Arboga (Sweden) where I run a yoga studio, Arboga Yin Yoga Academy, as well as a company named Yoga Productions.

The yoga form which I teach primarily now is yin yoga (read more about yin yoga here), but in my teaching at workplaces and conferences I’m taking in techniques from the hatha yoga as well.

When I come to workplaces and conferences with my yoga, I adapt it to the needs and opportunities that are available. There are many exercises that can be done on a chair or standing at a desk.

My vision is that yoga will be an obvious choice in all workplaces and at all conferences and longer meetings.


Yoga in the workplace

I dare say that virtually all workplace situations can be improved with yoga.


Desktop work for several hours often leads to pain in the neck, shoulders, back and buttocks. A lot of sitting can cause poor circulation in the legs and feet. Working at a computer can also cause eye, hand and finger problems.


For those who have a work with heavy lifting, the lumbar spine can damage. Hairdressers may need help with exercises for hands, fingers, wrists and arms.

All of these problems can be relieved by yoga during the working day. It may be micro pauses with yoga on the chair – or a little longer yoga classes on the mat in a separate room. For those who experience a lot of stress, breathing exercises and meditation can be very helpful.


Introducing yoga in the workplace can lead to better health and thus a better working environment.


Tell me about the situation at your workplace and I will send a proposal. Contact me via the contact form below.

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