My name is Elisabeth Erlandsson Kaufmann and I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga and meditation teacher (RYT500). I live in Arboga (Sweden) where I run a yoga studio, Arboga Yin Yoga Academy, as well as a company named Yoga Productions. The yoga form which I teach primarily now is yin yoga (read more about yin yoga here), but in my teaching at workplaces and conferences I’m taking in techniques from the hatha yoga as well.

When I worked as a language teacher for over twenty years and Secretary-General of Swiss Women for Peace for four years, I participated in many meetings and conferences. It became very sedentary, which made me stiff and ”knotty”. If I had not had the yoga to weigh it up, I would probably have been subjected to more pain. During the day-long conferences, I would have liked to get up and do some yoga exercises or do some yoga on the chair, but I felt that it wasn’t appropriate, so I had to wait until I got home for my yoga mat. During this time, the idea of ​​building a business with conference yoga was born, but the thought lasted a few years before the plant had space to grow. At school I sometimes did yoga with my students and colleagues, which was much appreciated. Many testified that they experienced relief in the back and neck and that they more easily could handle stress.

After having been teaching yoga at a hobby level for eleven years, I decided to make it my main job in 2016, so I quit my full-time job at the Falun Montessori School and founded Yoga Productions. During the weeks I taught hatha yoga and yin yoga at a yoga house and a fitness center in Falun and on weekends I traveled around the country with my yin yoga workshops.

In the winter of 2017-18 I did a six-month study trip around the globe to get inspiration and knowledge from different yoga and meditation teachers around the world. When I came back to Sweden in May 2018, I opened my own yoga studio in Arboga, where I had moved in October 2017, just before the trip around the world, along with my husband, after both our daughters had moved away from home and we sold our house in Falun. Since there was no yoga studio in Arboga yet, there was an opportunity for me.

On June 9, 2018, Arboga Yin Yoga Academy was opened. Read more about it here!

My business areas are now:

– Yinyoga and meditation Workshops at Arboga Yin Yoga Academy

– Yinyoga Workshops at Different Places in Sweden and Europe

– Yinyoga teacher trainings at the Yoga House in Falun and Arboga Yin Yoga Academy. I also have Online Trainings.

– Conference Yoga

– Yoga at Workplaces

I constantly educate myself. In November 2018 I took part in the 6th International Fascia Research Congress in Berlin (fascia is part of our connective tissue that is very important in yin yoga). In April 2019, I participated in an education with Paul Grilley in the United States (one of the most outstanding teaching champions in the field of yin yoga; he conducts extensive research on bones and joints). He is the fourth yin yoga teacher trainer I’m training with, after Magdalena Mecweld, Sarah Powers and Bernie Clark. I took my primary yoga teacher training (642 hours) at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany, where I also did special trainings such as Yoga for special problems.

When I come to workplaces and conferences with my yoga, I adapt it to the needs and opportunities that are available. There are many exercises that can be done on a chair or standing at a desk.

My vision is that yoga will be an obvious choice in all workplaces and at all conferences and longer meetings.

Do you have questions about me and my yoga? Please contact me!